Case Studies: Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

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There’s nothing quite as inspirational as being set an advertising challenge to save lives.

After a spike in fatalities over the Christmas period in 2010, the Fire and Rescue Service came to us with a brief to reduce alcohol-related fire deaths over the 2011 – 2012 Christmas period.

Cue creation of three television commercials featuring three real Firefighters telling powerful, truthful stories. Harrowing tales to hear, the challenge was to tell the story in 30’’ or less and still make sure we made the impact on our audience that the Firefighters had made on us with their interviews.

Facts and figures show a record-breaking 5-year low in alcohol-related fire deaths over the Christmas period. One senior Fire Officer summed it up nicely: ‘Record-breaking achievements this fire service hasn’t seen in forty years’.

The campaign’s success carried on into summer 2012, then the 2012-2013 Christmas period when we created more television commercials, radio commercials, print campaigns and a good spread of digital offerings. And so our ‘Join the Fight Against Fire’ multi-platform campaign began.

When all the Scottish Fire and Rescue services amalgamated in April 2013, our campaign featured across the whole of Scotland and it grew once again, becoming ‘Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire’, airing in Summer 2013 and again over the Christmas period and into 2014.

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