Case Studies: Cash for Kids: The Soup Project

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We love advertising that comes from a truth, in fact we believe that all advertising should. The truth here was planted with us during an unrelated conversation with the client two years before we tackled this brief.

That conversation was about the one in six kids in Scotland who live in poverty. Call it resourcefulness or desperation; they would steal sachets of ketchup from the school dinner hall and heat them up with water to make a disgusting soup, for a little nourishment over the weekend.

So when Cash for Kids asked us to create a film highlighting child poverty, to be played at their annual charity ball, that truth came to mind. And what’s the best way to demonstrate that truth to a room full of people waiting for their meal? You put it on the menu.

The results were astounding. Feedback told us that the event was the most sober of recent times. Child food poverty was being talked and tweeted about by many of the high profile guests. And of course, they raised a record amount of money.

The idea, that truth, clearly resonated with people. So much so that Cash for Kids decided to make it the focus of their Christmas Committed Giving campaign. And so, The Soup Project was born.


We created a brand, with micro site as a route to donate. This included a game to share and spread the message via Facebook. The campaign encompassed digital and a tie in with radio station Clyde 1. We continued our relationship with Cash for Kids in 2013 by creating an event in The Hydro; watch this space to check it out.

The campaign picked up five awards in 2013, including a Marketing Star Gold Award.

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