Blog: Creative’s Peek – STV Competitions – T in the Park

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This one is all about knowing your audience. Make it loud, make it energetic and release the GRADO for some authentic charm. Only the wrestling king of Glasgow could deliver that call to action with such panache. A great exercise in nailing the right tone whilst keeping it simple.

Who For? STV Competitions

What For? T in the Park Ticket Giveaway

Describe it in three words:

Bold, Loud, Brash

Stand out story:

When speaking to such a specific target audience it was obvious we couldnt use the usual suspects when it came to voice overs. We enlisted Grado, ICW’s enigmatic Glaswegian wrestler. We used previously shot promotional footage from the year before, combined that with some convincing library dance music and were ready to go. The ad out preformed expectations despite only being run for 1 week instead of the usual 14 day run.

– Neil


Producer:  Karen Gardiner
Creative: Neil Gilmartin
Account Manager: Karley Duffy
VFX: Tousie Tyke
Editor: Tousie Tyke
Voiceover: Grado
Sound dub: Cy @ STV