Blog: Creative’s Peek – Mobeego – Spot Ad

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We all know how it feels when our phone dies in the least expected moment. We’ve all been there, we’ve all struggled, and we wanted to capture this bitter feeling with some relatable scenarios and show Mobeego is the handy mobile solution.


Who For? Mobeego               

What For? Mobile charger

Describe it in three words:

Simple, cheerful, relatable

Stand out story:

It was an interesting one to work on as the product itself was new and unique. Sanne did an amazing job dealing with challenges that popped up on the way. All in all – sweet little project to work on! 

– Ola Bak


Producer: Sanne Jehoul
Creative: Ola Bak
Animator: Touzie Tyke
Voiceover: Alan Steel
Exec. Producer: Victoria Allison