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We’re STV’s award winning in-house creative agency, and we’re unique.

Our specialist producers, creatives and designers work with STV’s Marketing, Content and Commercial teams daily.

We use our unique product knowledge to help our clients get the best out of STV.

We’re brilliant at adapting to clients individual needs, providing bespoke solutions that work for them.

So take a look around and get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.

Our latest work

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  • Loganair - For Every Journey

    TV Commercial

  • Glasgow City Council

    Content Led Communication

  • Scotrail - Sarah

    Content Led Communication

Meet our
kick-ass team

  • Aidan O’Mara

    Junior Producer

    Fave Drink: Beer, the alcoholic type.

  • Ashling McGrath

    Head of Consumer Projects

    Spirit Animal: Katya Zamolodchikova

  • Katie Howie

    Graphic Designer

    Spirit Animal: A Squirrel

  • Vicky Kerr

    Lead Creative

    Spirit Animal: A fox! __,,,^._.^,,,__

  • Kay Petrie


    Fave Place: Brockville Park, Hope Street, Falkirk.

  • Aileen Rushton

    Head of STV Creative

    "If you're going hard enough left you'll find yourself turning right" Doc Hudson

  • Lauren Gourlay

    Head of Design

    Spirit Animal: A Giraffe

  • Kenny MacKay


    Fave Place: The piano bar in Pat O’Brien’s, New Orleans.

  • Ola Bak


    Fun fact: I add skittles to my porridge.

  • Frances Bell

    Senior Producer

    Spirit Animal: Unknown

  • Karen Gardiner

    Senior Producer

    Spirit Animal: A Cat

  • Victoria Allison

    Head of Commercial Projects

    "He who marches out of step hears another drum" Ken Kesey

  • Neil Gilmartin

    Lead Creative

    "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana" Groucho Marx

Our producers, creatives and designers are a friendly bunch of advertising obsessives with one thing in common; we love problem solving.

We work together to come up with smart ideas, allowing our clients to cut through and connect with customers.



Do It Day 2016

As STV’s internal creative agency, TV is what we do. We get a buzz out of making ads for our clients. Ads that run on our channel. Ads that have Read more

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